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Three features that underpin our character

We are committed to achieving EXCELLENCE, because this is the only way of ensuring that our customers will rely on us, more and more, day by day. We are also rmly committed to INNOVATION throughout the whole value chain, always providing our customers with free choice. Our conciliatory spirit always seeks to BALANCE between the independence of our members and our shared plans, fostering happy co-existence between our local and national suppliers.


Our aims

The objective of Grupo IFA is to be the best retail group in Spain, made up of Affiliate companies, all of which are leaders in their respective regions, and supported by a head office that provides services development, innovation and added value for every component within the chain.

We have embarked upon an ambitious path that will transform the central purchasing body into a true retail group operating in areas where, together, we can offer the greatest value, without losing sight of those features that make each company within the Group unique.

Our ultimate aim is to become a true agent for change within a sector that requires impetus and balance, setting our sights on creating value and working to ensure growth and employment in our market.


What is important to us

Grupo IFA’s values stem both from our commitment to serve society and from our inner nature.


Our points of sale all over Spain are a good reflection of this value, and the true significance of this is complemented by our in-depth understanding of our consumers, their needs and desires.

It is also reflected in IFA’s agreements with local suppliers, especially with regard to fresh products.


We have been working hard for almost 55 years to satisfy the demands of the market. This is why we select suppliers that best meet the quality standards that our customers want.

Our stores are dominated by fresh products, guaranteeing top-quality raw ingredients thanks to intense negotiations with the best fish markets to ensure the freshest of fish, with local markets to obtain recently-harvested fruit and vegetables, and with leading livestock farms in each region.


The Group’s solidity means we can balance the autonomy and management independence of our affiliate companies within a cohesive project that favours the whole.

We also know how to maintain balance between our local and national suppliers to offer our consumers the greatest possible freedom and choice in their purchases.


We are committed to responding to every need, so we o er a universal range of products, manufacturers and prices, representing everything from the most innovative of products to major brands and our own-brand.

We do this because we know that not all tastes and needs are the same, and we rmly believe that free choice is of key importance in ensuring maximum satisfaction in our customers’ shopping experience.


Innovation has always been part of the DNA of Grupo IFA. We were the rst to develop the multiple chain and cash & carry concepts in Spain, as well as pioneering the use of bar code readers and implementation of the EDI system.

Since the outset we have supported product launches and the work of suppliers in a bid to add value within the various categories, and we are working to develop a distribution model that will meet the expectations of current and future generations.


Our points of sale come in all sizes. We can be found both in large cities and in small towns. We have international, national and local suppliers... because what de nes us is not where we come from nor does our size, but rather a shared way of being and understanding of the nature of our work.


This is one of the values that underpins the most genuine and lasting of relationships, and we work to encourage it every day through our friendly nature and the quality of the products available.


Chairman and CEO of IFA RETAIL, S.A.

Chairman’s statement >

The Board of Directors is made up of 14 Directors and a Secretary, who is not a Director. It includes a Chairman and a Vice-chairman- who are also CEO’s - and a CEO.

D. Alejandro Fernández Gonzalez

Alimerka, S.A.
Vice-Chairman and CEO

D. Eusebio Rubio Martín

Ahorramás, S.A.
Chief Executive Officer

D. Joan Font i Fabregó

Bon Preu, S.A.U.
Chief Executive Officer

Board of Directors

Dª. Manuela Bella Díaz Orta
Cash Lepe, S.A.
D. Manel Romero Romagosa
Condis Supermercats, S.A.
D. José Abraham Domínguez Santana
Dinosol Supermercados, S.L.
D. Roberto Tojeiro Rodríguez
Gadisa Retail, S.L.U.
D. Josep Saperas Vergara
HD Covalco S.L
D. Gregorio Gilarranz Sánchez
Hiper Usera, S.L.
D. Luis Mesquita Soares Moutinho
Modelo Continente Hipermercados, S.A.
D. Rafael Ruiz Alonso
Teógenes Ruiz, S.L.
D. Juan Antonio Gomez Pérez
Unagras, S.A.
D. José Ramón Fernández de Barrena
Uvesco, S.A.

Secretary (no Director)

D. José María Martín Jiménez

Centralizaed Purchasing Commitee

The Commercial Committee, made up of A liates and Head O ce executives, carries out continuous market and sector analysis, and has decision-making power. It also provides information and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors about measures to be taken, for which the Board must give final approval.

D. Fernando Romero Casado
Ahorramás, S.A.
Dª. María Barrado Franco
Alimerka, S.A.
D. Joan Sabartes i Pardo
Bon Preu, S.A.U.
Dª. Alicia Pujol Martínez
Condis Supermercats, S.A.
Dª. Olivia Llorca Afonso
Dinosol Supermercados, S.L.
D. Santiago Codesido Barreiro
Gadisa Retail, S.L.U.
D. Adolfo Martínez Carnero
Grupo Hermanos Martín, S.A.
D. Pere Kaiser Cozar
HD Covalco, S.L.
D. Francisco Sánchez del Arco
Hiper Usera, S.L.
D. Jaime Femenias Dols
Unagras, S.A.
Dª. Paz Fernández Vega
Unialco, S.L.
D. Juan Manuel Morales Alonso
IFA Retail, S.A.
D. Víctor Pérez Díez
IFA Retail S.A.

Our raison d'etre

Our customers are the central pillar of Grupo IFA. All our work is aimed at providing them with a better service, and this is why shoppers are choosing us in ever-increasing numbers.

We adapt our product lines to suit consumer demand, ensuring them of the quality and safety they deserve. We try to ensure that our supermarkets satisfy their consumption needs effectively, quickly and comfortably, and we run very popular ongoing promotions in partnership with our suppliers.

Grupo IFA’s commitment to new technologies also contributes to our good relationship with our customers. Our Affiliates have developed online sales channels, and have adapted their means of payment to reflect the latest trends.

All this explains the success of the “IFA formula”. According to the consultancy Kantar Worldpanel, more than one in every two Spanish consumers do their shopping in Group supermarkets. This recognition brings us the greatest possible satisfaction.

Working hand-in-hand for a better future

Grupo IFA believes in the importance of its suppliers. They are our greatest allies in developing initiatives to meet our consumers’ needs more efficiently.

An example of this close collaboration can be seen in the 614 commercial agreements that bind us, and the launch of 10 major projects related to innovation, the development of new categories, and coordinated promotional work – all of which are focused on improving the value chain.

Our objective is to continue our commitment to innovation among our suppliers and to free choice of brands and formats for our consumers, for the benefit of all those involved in the value chain, and thus society as a whole.