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Grupo IFA and Gasol Foundation join together to give you tips on nutrition that will help you look after your health.


The partnership of Grupo IFA and Gasol Foundation was created from a desire to promote healthy habits in Spanish society and thus improve the health of the generations to come. We are going to launch a series of prevention and awareness-raising actions aimed at facing this challenge.

We will take advantage of Grupo IFA’s proximity and wide geographical reach to combat the bad eating habits which represent one of today’s most serious problems and affect child and family health.


The agreement signed between Grupo IFA and Gasol Foundation includes a wide range of activities and programmes in the field of nutrition and sport.

It is a commitment to a long-term pedagogic undertaking, with a clear educational and training component.
This will include practical actions at Grupo IFA points of sale and the activities organised by Gasol Foundation.
All of this will be backed up with recreational activities for children and families based on the principle of educating on how to live a healthy life:

  • Advice on healthy eating habits.
  • Live demonstrations.
  • Healthy shopping, healthy recipes and usage tips.
  • We will take part in Gasol Foundation’s workshops, camps and schools.

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A better world is possible

For Grupo IFA, Corporate Social Responsibility is more than just a department: it is a belief. The company works towards doing things sustainably in its daily operations from a wide range of perspectives.

Job creation

One of the fundamental ways of helping to improve society, and in particular the growth of our country, is to create new jobs that will enable more and more people to join the job market. Overall, our Affiliates currently provide employment for over 68,000 workers, with over 2,500 jobs created in the past year.

Social commitment

GRUPO IFA makes an active contribution to local solidarity projects through its Affiliates, which develop and implement social actions within their areas of influence. Our presence the length and breadth of Spain means that each of our Affiliates’ initiatives becomes part of a shared national solidarity project that links and includes the entire Group.

Labour commitment

Another of IFA’s priorities is the needs of its employees. As part of its efforts to achieve a balance between its workers’ professional and personal lives, Grupo IFA is working to ensure proper timetable management and shift planning for its more than 68,000 workers. The company also offers its employees continuous training to ensure it is always giving its customers the best possible service.

Environmental commitment

IFA’s commitment to small, local businesses and agreements with suppliers in each region guarantee the quality and freshness of our products while also helping to protect the environment. Simplification of the supply chain leads to significant energy savings and considerably reduces CO2 emissions. In addition, the proximity of our stores prevents consumers from having to make long car journeys to go to their local supermarket.

The group forms part of the steering committee of the recycling organisation Ecoembes and applies sustainability and environmental protection policies throughout its various spheres. It promotes the use of new, more sustainable materials, reduction of single-use bags and packaging, and we have signed up to the initiative launched by AECOC (the Spanish Association of Manufacturers and Distributors) to reduce food waste and keep it to an absolute minimum.

At your side yesterday, today and tomorrow

Grupo IFA. At your side yesterday, today and tomorrow is a customer, sector and employee support campaign that reflects the company's sincere gratitude to everyone for all their effort, professionalism and responsibility in response to this challenge that we are having to face as a society.

Starting with the professionals who supply us with raw material such as farmers and manufacturers, in addition to distribution chains and transporters, as well as our employees, supermarket workers and end customers, the aim of communication is to meet the objective of transmitting closeness, safety and trust to everyone who contributes to maintaining a semblance of normalcy possible during these changing times.

Under the Grupo IFA claim. At your side yesterday, today and tomorrow is a global campaign that also addresses, among other things and always centring on being positive, the safety measures that Grupo IFA along with its partners has implemented to ensure the safety of customers and employees.